weekly routine to combine weights and running!!

weekly routine to combine weights and running

Much of the popular runners leave out weight training, so do not do like most.
Maintain toned muscles improve your performance and that we can get through unprograma muscle strengthening (fundamental to develop power in the race). You know that running is an exercise in which many muscle groups are involved and if they are not prepared, do not respond, still more reason to strengthen your muscles and prevent any sports injury correctly.
To train muscle strength, which is what you’re after, you must work pun intended muscle, providing a lot of intensity in a short period of time. In this way, you will increase your consistency rather than its volume. We leave a guidance table to work any exercise as you want to build strength or muscular endurance:

It is advisable to make losejercicios strengthening first since the body would be found tired of aerobic training and not face strengthening exercises at full capacity.
If you’re going to combine them on the same day, see that aerobic training is smooth.
On the other hand, never combine strengthening exercises with long runs and the day you touch work slopes or long series, you should definitely consider the possibility of a split routine or combine this type of cyclic aerobic exercise (jogging), with strength less intense by working circuit with dynamic contraction exercises (abdominal, back, arms, legs, buttocks) with active breaks.
Your work plan should focus on the qualities that make up the health-oriented fitness: cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular strength and muscular endurance, being recommended to perform two to three sessions weekly force in the corridor, especially if you start and pursue improvements in your own brands.
Whether you want to develop strength and muscular endurance, all exercises you perform in the stations must be created with low weight. In this article we present a weekly weight training (3 days muscle strengthening) for the combine with your outputs (4 race days):

Triceps: French press, funds arms and triceps extensions.
Back: pull back and back to front, dominated and rowing.
Shoulders: shoulder press forward, birds and military press.
Biceps: barbell biceps curls, bicep curls and bench Scoot isolated biceps.
Chest: incline chest press, pushups, bench press and dumbbell flies.
Legs and buttocks: squats, leg extensions, leg curls and scissors for hamstrings.
Do not forget to work every day abs and lower back.