How to know if you´re running properly

Each person has a different style to the race, due to his physical build or depending on the transformations that will suffer its body as it grows. The shape of your feet, how long are the legs, weight and overall body balance will determine how a person runs, but beyond those differences there is a common element to make it inthe best way: knowing the characteristics of your body. A few weeks ago in BBC World you offered a guide to choose the best shoe for running and there to reiterate the recommendation to consult with people trained to determine what is the best footwear to use and which technique is most suitable for the exercise. Image copyrightTHINKSTOCK Image caption should be with the ball of the foot, always a waysoft and light on the surface of the tread. The problem is that, as Mike Antoniades,founder and director of The Running School, center dedicated to analysis, biomechanics, conditioning and rehabilitation of runners, most of the people make mistakes which are unaware on the grounds that it is something natural. Read: How to choose the best shoes for running “well run and run fast is a skill, it is not somethingwith which you were born. And like any skill can be taught,”Antoniades said. Consequences run well and run fast is a skill, is not something with which you were born.And like any skill can be taught Mike Antoniades, founder and director of The Running School Coach, who developed a methodology to teach how to run correctly and efficiently, it is considered that runners who make it happen often excessively and unnecessarily, undergo their bodies, which responds with symptoms of exhaustion and pain. Among the most common mistakes that are committed to the run are rebounding much longer strides, landing hard on the feet, do not use enough hamstring tendon, not to use arms, turn the diaphragm the body from side to sideas he runs, tilt the head and the upper forward trunk or running slower than they could walk. For Antoniades what is essential is to improve the biomechanical movements teaching correct patterns, something that is achieved with repeat again andagain the action to the body and the mind. The aim is that this movement is integrated in the muscles and brain to prevent physical problems. Image copyrightTHINKSTOCK Image caption run is an exercise in highimpact very prone to injuries. Among the most common injuries arising to run according to recorded Meds sportsmedicine clinic in Chile are Fasciitis plantar, aquilana tendinitis, bursitis, and fracture by stress, which are often caused by bad execution of the technique. The technical specialists recommend to the athletes and runners make contact with the ground with the ball of the foot with the toes pointing forward and not down. The contact must be mild and light with the surface, without leaving the heel touches the ground. Image copyrightTHINKSTOCK Image caption if run properly the body “float”above the ground. The knee should be slightly bent at the time of contact, while the foot will land under the center of gravity (just below the hips). The heel will be behind the body. The hamstring and buttock assume an important role in this movement, while thigh moves forward with the action of the hip flexors, leg stretches and foot down again, making contact with the ground. Image copyrightTHINKSTOCKImage caption the most advisable is to seek help to know which is the best technique to improve performance. The hips and waist must remain stable without much lateral movement, while the back should be straight and relaxed, not bent over waist. The shoulders should also be relaxed and arms bent at a 90 degree angle. Themovement‘s momentum must come not shoulders and forearms. The hands should be with palms facing inward, but not down. They may also be closed in pine withyour thumb resting on the index. By last head should be raised with the view forward. Read: 10 reasons to start running the key is not to think much of the movementand that is an automatic action of the body. These tips can be used to reflect on the technique being used to run, but it is advisable to listen to coaches and specialists, only in this way the risk of injury will be reduced considerably, and performancewill be improved.