Bike as an ally of running!!

With a less physically demanding 8% to that of running, cycling also stands out as mild and pleasant for beginners runners complement. The absence of impacts on hard surfaces is another advantage.

As in the running, cycling makes it work practically the whole body, emphasizing the lower limbs.

Training plan
The number of times a week to be incorporated cycling depends on the training phase and the targets set for each corridor. No need to fear a drop in performance by replacing the running with cycling in some weekly training as the athlete continues well trained and also may have body structures adapted to support new stimuli.

Cycling can be bring to four different targets

Muscle strengthening: To achieve this, we must make series on the rise and higher changes (heavy). However, strength training in cycling could run focus to running. It is important to keep in mind.
Regenerative training: This is great for runners who have some aptitude for the sport. Otherwise, cycling will become a training intensity where neither nor regeneration relaxation. You need to be calm and not to transform regenerative common practice in producing wear rather than recovery.
Injury Recovery: It is ideal for those who must avoid the impact on the joints. It is an excellent exercise to improve fitness and generates virtually no impact. If discomfort or pain during or after pedaling, it is desirable to interrupt.
Weight reduction: Beyond a good balanced diet, cycling is an excellent alternative. This is because, although the pedaling produces less than Trot energy expenditure, allows more extensive practice, exceeding the initial disadvantage.
Important care before pedaling
Check the correct operation of your bike.
Pay special attention to the brakes, changes and handlebars.
Adjust the seat according to your height.
Always use safety accessories: gloves, helmet, knee pads and elbow pads.
Do not exaggerate in the distances of travel, aumentalas progressively.
Seek the assistance of qualified personnel that can define an appropriate training load your limitations, preventing the practice resulting in injury.