5 exercises strength to run faster!!

Are you following our training plan with Skechers Performance? Well, if you’ve already started running by burglars and I am convinced that you are making more progress than you thought a few weeks ago, but has time to tell you about the strength, the great forgotten by the runneante, almost all; also the experienced.

Improve your strength will serve to run better, more efficiently in your stride, greater running economy, safer and more loose. There is also another very important aspect because you will help prevent injuries. A broker working force is an insurance broker itself, its possibilities and capabilities.

But you will have more impact on lower body strength, you should not neglect your arms and abdominal / core area. Quiet, not’re going to be like Schwarzenegger much you try, but with very basic and simple exercises you can do almost anywhere and that you integrate into your weekly routine without problems, soon notice the benefits.

I propose the following for a complete workout

WARMING: You know how to do it, you have no excuses;)


5 exercises
10 to 15 repetitions per exercise.
10 ‘rest between exercises
1 ‘rest at the end of each round.
3 to 5 rounds.
These exercises are:

Squat: open to shoulder width apart, toes of the feet slightly apart, back straight legs. Down and up at an easy pace.
abdominal crunches: legs drawn up, hands on his chest. Trunk lifting no more than 20 °.
front Scissors: alternating wide front, back straight Stride. The knee should not pass the vertical toe.
Funds arms: Straight Body, opened a little more than shoulder width arms. Flexing slowly without reaching the limit. On a bench or on the floor (more difficult)
twins Elevation: open to shoulder width, metatarsals (toes more than about 2 cm) supported on a step, legs straight and legs gently up and down.
RACE CONTINUES: At the end of the last round and after resting 3 ‘can do between 15’ and 30 ‘of continuous running.

COOL DOWN: 5 ‘Very soft + stretching.