How to run a marathon

“We have overcome,” were the words that Pheidippides, the legendary Greek character, once run 42 kilometers from the field of battle in the town of Marathon to Athens to give the good news: the Greeks succeeded in the war against the Persiansat the battle of Marathon.   His feat has been repeated countless times in the corridors of the world. The more experienced marathoners with a battery of tools and strategies that allow them to run similar distance and not die in the attempt, unlike Pheidippides who, after its42 km – had already run two days prior to this distance – died, not by fatigue butbecause of the wounds that left him the war.   Steps to survive a marathon:   1 patience and training are the two key words to keep the steps of Pheidippides and leave victorious.   Marathon training plan | I am a marathon runner   2. travel Disfrutarel without thinking about the time to achieve is the recommendation of coach Fernando Díaz. For a runner who is preparing to run 42k for the first time should have minimum 8 months training, running between 3 and 5 km daily toreach 40 to 50 km per week. […]

How to know if you´re running properly

Each person has a different style to the race, due to his physical build or depending on the transformations that will suffer its body as it grows. The shape of your feet, how long are the legs, weight and overall body balance will determine how a person runs, but beyond those differences there is a common element to make it inthe best way: knowing the characteristics of your body. A few weeks ago in BBC World you offered a guide to choose the best shoe for running and there to reiterate the recommendation to consult with people trained to determine what is the best footwear to use and which technique is most suitable for the exercise. Image copyrightTHINKSTOCK Image caption should be with the ball of the foot, always a waysoft and light on the surface of the tread. The problem is that, as Mike Antoniades,founder and director of The Running School, center dedicated to analysis, biomechanics, conditioning and rehabilitation of runners, most of the people make mistakes which are unaware on the grounds that it is something natural. Read: How to choose the best shoes for running “well run and run fast is a skill, it is not somethingwith […]

5 exercises strength to run faster!!

Are you following our training plan with Skechers Performance? Well, if you’ve already started running by burglars and I am convinced that you are making more progress than you thought a few weeks ago, but has time to tell you about the strength, the great forgotten by the runneante, almost all; also the experienced. Improve your strength will serve to run better, more efficiently in your stride, greater running economy, safer and more loose. There is also another very important aspect because you will help prevent injuries. A broker working force is an insurance broker itself, its possibilities and capabilities. But you will have more impact on lower body strength, you should not neglect your arms and abdominal / core area. Quiet, not’re going to be like Schwarzenegger much you try, but with very basic and simple exercises you can do almost anywhere and that you integrate into your weekly routine without problems, soon notice the benefits. I propose the following for a complete workout WARMING: You know how to do it, you have no excuses;) CIRCUIT OF FORCE: 5 exercises 10 to 15 repetitions per exercise. 10 ‘rest between exercises 1 ‘rest at the end of each round. 3 […]

6 best marathons in the world

They are known as the ‘World Marathon Majors’, an international athletics competition created in 2006 and brings together the most prestigious marathons held annually worldwide. The lucky cities that have the privilege of seeing running through the streets for 42 kilometers to the best long distance athletes are: New York, Boston, Chicago, London, Berlin and from 2013, Tokyo. In addition to these six marathons, occasionally included in the calendar two tests: the marathon World Athletics Championships, held every two years, and the marathon at the Olympic Games, which takes place every four years. The media marathons. It is held every year since 1970 through the streets of the Big Apple. In its first edition was attended by 127 runners completed the test and only 42 kilometers 55 people. The winner was the American Gary Muhrcke with a time of 2 hours 31 minutes 38 seconds. However, the marathon has evolved so getting itself to become the most renowned test the international scene. The NBC broadcast live the race that has an audience of over 300 million viewers. Before starting gun sounds from the speakers the legendary song New York, New York, played by Frank Sinatra. The participants demand is so […]

Barcelona Marathon 2017: Complete guide … Tour, registration, hotels!

On Sunday March 12, 2017 the thirty-ninth edition of the Zurich Marató de Barcelona, one of the most compelling evidence of Europe, thanks to an eminently urban layout that runs through many tourist spots of Barcelona, in combination will be played with sensational weather. Barcelona Marathon history The first marathon held in Barcelona dates from 1980, but it is fair to say that this was the continuation of previous ones that were played in the town of Palafrugell, one in 1978 and another in 1979. It is fair attributed to the small village of Emporda the honor of being the place where it ran for the first time in Spain a popular marathon (since Barcelona lacked permission) created and promoted by Ramon Oliu. Oliu, a chemist by profession, was transferred in 1977 to Barcelona by the American company in which he worked. At the age of 47 years he played the New York marathon and returning to Barcelona for work went to the federation to inform him when the popular marathon celebrated Barcelona. Stunned by Mr. Oliu consult the federation answered that only one marathon a year was played, called the Championship of Spain held annually in a different region, […]

Registration, travel, and hotel tips: New York Marathon Guide

Running is one of the sports most practiced worldwide, in the records of ancient Greece can be found references to this sport, which recounted how a man covered the distance from the valley of Marathon to Athens to announce victory over the army of the Persians. This story was taken to fix the name of one of the most emblematic distances in athletics competitions: the marathon. The first marathons had a distance of 40 kilometers but in 1908 at the London Olympics a distance of 42.195 meters (42 kilometers) was established; this distance is what separates the city from Windsor to White City stadium. The distance was formalized in 1921 and it was not until 1984 at the Olympics in Los Angeles when they were allowed women to compete. Around the world there are marathons of great importance, one of them is certainly the New York Marathon, the first edition took place in 1970, at that time the whole tour took place in Central Park. In 1976 the marathon was taken to the streets across the five boroughs of New York: Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island and Queens; It is celebrated on the first Sunday of November each year. In […]

Start running to lose weight: Useful tips for beginners runners

In the middle of summer and, like earlier this year, many people get to start running. They posed change their lifestyle by trying to acquire healthier habits that contribute to their welfare as quitting smoking or trying to lose those extra kilos accumulated during the summer period, based meals and beers at the bar. A good formula if we want to lose some weight, is without doubt, start running, because it is a cheap sport that does not require a large financial outlay to practice. In addition, we avoid having to deal with the payment of fees as required gyms or personal trainer. Only we need to invest some money in good running shoes in order to feel comfortable and prevent injuries. Then we leave a few tips or guidelines that can be useful when start running to lose weight: Motivation and conviction. Without this there is nothing to do. The habit of jogging is difficult at first, but will depend solely on you, and be good part of the key to success. If the first few days can only run a few minutes, do not worry, it is normal for a beginner runner. We suggest two options to not […]

The best flying shoes 2016!

Faithful to our appointment each year, in Runnea are already at work with preparations to present one of the most anticipated in our community contests runneante: The Best Running Shoes 2016. Our premium testers and tester header and we are doing get their preferences year. But even in our forums there is also activity in this regard, so to whet the “appetite”, here is a list of seven of the best flying shoes 2016. Neither say they are not all they are. So the list is completely open look forward to your contribution! And keep an eye out Runnea because soon announce the finalists models for the 12 categories of our exclusive contest a foul little to know what they are and you can vote for your favorite! Remember that just by participating in the voting of The Best Running Shoes 2016 you will choose a great prize, we can not yet reveal, but already assure you you will not be able to resist. Mizuno Hitogami 3 An all super athlete Javier Gomez Noya, five-time world triathlon, the has been set to add brilliant victories to his impressive record and speak well of the Hitogami saga of Mizuno, which already […]

Occult training!

How many times I have wondered “how many hours you train?”! My answer: in times of competition 24 hours. Do not be alarmed, my slippers also sleep. I will reveal what they are my 24 hours of invisible training. Besides adding kilometers, there are an indispensable part also have to train, and what I call ‘occult training’. To make the series, filming and get the most juice each workout, you have to invest other aspects. For me there are 5 essential: Food and Supplementation Caring for food is vital for our health, but even if we depend on our body. The ‘tank’ must be refueled in quantity and quality. And both before and after each training in order to optimize performance and recovery. Therefore we have to keep in mind the importance of incorporating the varied and appropriate food. The statement “we are what we eat” we must keep it in mind, because the body is very wise and respond in one way or another depending on what performance cling to absorb. Still, I have to confess that, occasionally, as I say, ‘I sin’. That is, also like sweets and other unskilled as appropriate intakes. But do it in moderation, […]

Mobile Running: Running Music!

Runtastic, one of the leading running applications on the market (and that we present here a while ago), it continues to innovate and add features for runners who download it on their phones. Now he announced a trade agreement with Universal Music Group, one of the biggest record companies in the world, which made available its catalog of artists to make a special selection Runtastic accompany your workouts. The idea is to include music that mark each runner beats per minute and rhythm chords training to be carried out. For those who are accustomed to running with music is a good way to add functionality exceeding leisure, without it aside. Runtastic Music -. Running Vol 1 is the first collection launched by as a result of this agreement, and is available for download on all major platforms (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc.). some options The clothing brand Puma launched just make your own mobile application for running, Puma Trac, which provides the ability to play music stored on the phone, and also play Spotify playlists. A similar function offer other applications, such as Adidas miCoach and Nike + Running (which also plays a sound bloated every time a Facebook friend […]